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Where it all began.

Van Wonderen opened its first store on the distinctive Kalverstraat. Our stores dedicate its name to the grandfather of founder Colin van Wonderen: Gerard van Wonderen (1907). In fact, the idea for an artisanal stroopwafel store and the love for Dutch cookies originated years ago.About 25 years ago, Colin discovered the warm Stroopwafel. Together with his grandfather, he went to the market on weekends and was allowed to order a fresh warm stroopwafel .After several years of doing business within various industries, the opportunity arose to establish his own stroopwafel concept. A test with family and friends did not take long, smiles and many tasty faces were the result. The warm stroopwafel that Colin had been taught to eat by his grandfather Gerard van Wonderen was brought back to life! By now we are many happy faces further and many people know how to find our store with Dutch syrup waffle cookies.Our mission? To share this feeling and taste with many more future visitors!

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The History of the Syrup Waffle

The stroopwafel was discovered around the 20th century in Gouda. The Dutch cake consists of two round stroopwafels that are baked crisp via a waffle iron. The two stroopwafels are joined together by sweet syrup. Originally the stroopwafels had a diameter of about 10 centimeters, but nowadays they are available with a diameter of 5 to over 25 centimeters. Besides being a delicious treat to eat warm "off the iron", the stroopwafel also goes perfectly with ice cream and chocolate. Meanwhile, the stroopwafel is no longer available only in the Netherlands, but the cookies are a worldwide phenomenon!

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