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Absolutely LOVED it

Definitely touristy but a must do. Depending on time of day the line is either wrapped around the corner or there's no line at all! I had never tried a stroopwaffel before and expected it to be over the top sweet. I was pleasantly surprised and absolutely LOVED it!

Paiten Melanson

Verified Purchase

Taste is extraordinary

Stroopwafels are must-haves when you visit Amsterdam or any place in Netherlands. This place is the most famous and the most traditional spot to get the best Stroopwafel. It is crowded and the queue is pretty long due to it's fame. The waiting time was around 20 minutes but it was totally worth it. There are plenty of topping options. The taste is extraordinary. The staff are super friendly and very attentive.

Aamir Khan

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Regret not having enough

Delicious stroopwafel in Amsterdam. Come across the store while walking along the street and was drawn to it by the nice design of the store. It was nice and sweet. Regret not having enough and now always craving for it when back in Singapore.

Vivian Ng

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Loved them too much

This place offers some deliciously beautiful Syrup Waffles. I personally loved them too much. But they might be a little too sweet for some. The wait time is too much though since they make flavor them fresh according to customers choice.

Sambhav Yadav

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Prepare it freshly when you order

Great and unique stroopwafels! They prepare it freshly when you order. There are multiple flavours and 3 different sizes; small, medium or large. I think small size is enough for one person. 😉

R. Caner Yıldırım

Verified Buyer

The best quality stroopwafels

Our stroopwafels are not only delicious but also artisanally prepared with the best ingredients. We strive to make the best stroopwafels and share the feeling of happiness and satisfaction our founders felt with our customers.

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